Friday, June 15, 2012

Dry Conditions!

  It's hard to believe a year ago at this time we were pumping water off fairways from all the rain we received and the rough was thick and growing like crazy. What a difference a year makes.

  This last winter was very dry and has continued into the spring. We had alot of winter injury from the dry windy conditions and had to reseed many of the fairways. Everything is mostly all filled in now and starting to look good, but boy could we use some rain.

  We have been busy working on sprinklers and hand watering dry spots on greens. The reason we hand water is to give the areas that are showing signs of stress enough water to supplement what they are lacking from the sprinklers. Sure we could just turn up the times but then we would be over watering part of the green that is doing fine. Over watering, plus hot and humid conditions can lead to disease. We have also been fixing sprinklers that are either not covering correctly, not turning or not coming on at all. Seems like a never ending job!  Until my next post let's all hope for a little rain, without the storms of course.

Friday, June 8, 2012


  I decided that I would start a blog to give our members and guests a inside look at what we do on a daily basis and what is involved and why we are doing them.

  Today was not a normal day. As I was driving out to #3 green to mow, the picture above is what I came across. In the night someone decided to vandalize #3 and #6 green. # 3 green had a hole that was 3ft wide and 2ft deep. This was all done with shovels and a post hole digger. why would anyone want to do this?

   By about 10am we had both holes patched and sanded. We put it back together like a puzzle then top dressed with sand to level the plugs. We had to cut sod from the back putting green to fill in the big hole that was dug on three green. We will be watering these greens a little throughout the next few days so the plugs don't dry up and die. I think they look pretty good now, considering what they looked like this morning. Within a week these greens should be back to normal. I would also like to thank Gordan Anderson and Dean Lousberg for taking time to help. Thanks alot guys.

 Well that is about all I have for now, just thought I would let you know what happened to those two greens so when you play your next round you won't be surprised. They might be a little bumpy for a few days but will be back to normal in no time.